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Important Points you Need to Know when Choosing a Wedding Photographer

When it comes to choosing a photographer there are many points to consider. Here are some of the main questions that you need to be asking.
What do you want from a Wedding Photographer? One of the first things that you need to clarify for yourselves is what is important to you in choosing a wedding photographer. Some important aspects other than the photo’s will be attitude, image, personality and how well they connect with you and understand you personally.

wedding photography benefits Does the Photographer cater to your individual needs? This is important to know well in advance. At Loving images we have guiding principles that insure we always produce the most professional results possible. We also make sure that your preferred style of photo’s will be catered for so you will be totally happy with the end result.

wedding photography benefits Does the Photographer show you photos from a complete wedding? When looking at photographic work you must be shown a complete wedding shoot so that you can tell if the photographic work is consistent. It is very easy for a photographer to pick out the best photos they have and only show them. The question is,"What is their worst photographic work like?"

wedding photography benefits Does the Photographer provide an assistant? Very few Wedding Photographic agencies will provide a photographers assistant. Again because it is your special day we think it’s important that you should have that extra special attention. That's why Loving Images provides an assistant with every wedding photo shoot.

wedding photography benefits Does the Photographer charge for extra locations? Make sure you find out if the photographer charges per photographic locations and if so how much. This could make a big difference to your bottom line cost on the day. Others will charge by an hourly rate or by a fixed package price.

wedding photography benefits Does the Photographer use professional grade film? Professional film does cost more so a lot of photographers will use the standard amateur range of films to cut costs. Quality of film has advanced in recent years but there is a difference. For professional results use professional film.

wedding photography benefits Does the Photographer use professional processing? Again the quality and cost to develop your photos in a mini lab facility is greatly reduced. For your prints to last without fading rapidly they must be printed on quality premium grade paper by a professionally equipped photo lab. Mini lab facilities are set up for speed not quality.

wedding photography benefits Are the photo’s clear and in focus? A good way to check the quality of a photo is to look at skin tones. The skin tone will be even and not dark or too bright for a well exposed photo. Shadows on faces and dull or washed out colours are a good indication that the correct exposure was not used. Also the sharpness of image is a vital factor.

wedding photography benefits Is the Photographer a member of a Photographic affiliation? This can be an important point with a lot of people. To be a member of any club, it usually only requires that two or more existing members have endorsed the new member to be. However once a member, it does not guarantee the quality and standard of work provided to you on your wedding day.

wedding photography benefits Do they provide a written guarantee? Having the confidence in choosing the right photographer for your individual needs is paramount. So to insure that all your concerns are put at ease Loving Images will provide you with a written guarantee when asked to do so. This covers all aspects that Loving Images is in direct control of. We believe that this makes us totally unique in the wedding photography industry.

wedding photography benefits Do they give the Negatives FREE? Most photographers choose not to give the negatives to you and there is only one reason for this. They will lose money. There is a huge mark up on all photos that are reproduced and every time you reorder the photographers mark up is included in the price. Usually you will be given the opportunity to purchase your negatives in about eighteen months time after you have made all your reorders. We believe that the negatives belong to you and are included FREE of charge.

wedding photography benefits Do they provide after sales service? An important point to inquire about is the level of service after you have had your wedding day. Things to consider are, “How long do you have to wait before your photo’s are ready?" "What is the availability of the photographer?"and "Do they provide a service to assemble your albums?” etc.

As a way of making it easy for you we have provided a simple check list that you can print out and use to compare other photographic services with. Simply Click Here and then print the active page.
Also if you would like to download our Wedding Book and checklist please go to our sign in page. Click Here for your Wedding Planner

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